indicates, indicating, indicated
1) VERB If one thing indicates another, the first thing shows that the second is true or exists.

[V that] A survey of retired people has indicated that most are independent and enjoying life...

[V n] Our vote today indicates a change in United States policy...

[V wh] This indicates whether remedies are suitable for children.

2) VERB If you indicate an opinion, an intention, or a fact, you mention it in an indirect way.

[V that] Mr Rivers has indicated that he may resign.

[V n] ...waiting for U.S. authorities to indicate their monetary policy plans.

3) VERB If you indicate something to someone, you show them where it is, especially by pointing to it. [FORMAL]

[V n] He indicated a chair. `Sit down.'...

[V n] Pelham moved across to indicate a wall chart.

4) VERB If one thing indicates something else, it is a sign of that thing.

[V n] Dreams can help indicate your true feelings...

[V n] His language indicates a poor education.

5) VERB If a technical instrument indicates something, it shows a measurement or reading.

[V n] The needles that indicate your height are at the top right-hand corner...

[V that] The temperature gauge indicated that it was boiling.

6) VERB When drivers indicate, they make lights flash on one side of their vehicle to show that they are going to turn in that direction. [mainly BRIT]

He told us when to indicate and when to change gear. [Also V n]

(in AM, use signal)

English dictionary. 2008.

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